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Fra Filippo Lippi의 작품들 (화가) 세계의 화가들 |
2009.04.03 16:28

Fra Filippo Lippi (1406 - 1469)
Lippe Fra Filippo (Italian Fra Filippo Lippi, 1406-1469) - Florentine painter, one of the most important masters of early Italian Renaissance.

Filippo Lippe (father - Filippo di Tomaso) was born in Florence, presumably 8 Oct., 1406, in a poor family butcher. In early childhood, lost his parents and remained in the custody of his aunt, of which some time later was taken into foster care, out of mercy, brotherhood monastery del Carmine, where 15 years of age took a vow monasticism ( «Fra» - a decrease from Italy. Frate, then have a brother). As an artist, developed under the influence Mazolino and Mazachcho; on his art education is also influenced by Fra Angelico Fezolsky.

Thrown into a monastic life in 1431, Lippe continued, however, be inocheskuyu clothes. The ancient biographer tell if he was captured in Ancona berberiyskimi pirates, abducted by them in Africa, and held there for several years in slavery, but this tradition is not documented.

On the contrary the fact is beyond question another episode in the life of Lippe - kidnapping them in 1456 from the women's convent in Prato young nuns and the Rape of Lucretia Бути marriage to her, by which he had experienced many troubles and anxieties, while dad, at the request of the Duke of Florence Cosimo Medici, not freed the couple from the monastic vow, and did not recognize their marriage legal. But after that, despite its loud fame, Lippe did not know peace, and because of their indiscriminate and wasteful of life was pursued by creditors.

He worked mainly in Florence, some time in Padua (1434) in Prato (1453-65) and finally in Spoleto, where he died Oct. 9, 1469

The significance of Lippe in the history of art is that it is after Mazachcho more decisively and strongly revived Italian art sent to the path of naturalism. Love of earthly joy, delight at the sight of beauty, passion, sensuality and imagination affects impetuosity in his works, despite the fact that their subjects belong to the field of religious avatars. In his figures so much sincerity, hobbies, life, humanity and subtle understanding of the beauty that they are irresistibly impressed, although sometimes in direct contravention of the requirements of ecclesiastical painting. His Madonna - charming innocent girl or tenderly loving young mother of his babies-Christ and the angels - lovely real children pyshuschie health and fun. The dignity of his art stands strong, brilliant, life colors, and cheerful scenery or trim architectural motifs that make up the climate scene. Of the fresco work of the artist's most remarkable vysokodarovitogo in the Cathedral of Prato (scenes from the life of St.. Stephen, of which particularly good «The Burial of St. Stefan» and «The Feast of Herod»), and in the Spoleto Cathedral (two series of scenes from the life of Our Lady of the Among the charming «Coronation Prisnodevy»).

Relatively easel paintings Lippe should note that he first began to give them a round shape - paint, for which the Italians learned the name of quadri tondi and soon entered into use not only at home chapel, but churches, instead of spread before triptychs. Florentine galleries contain a lot of works of Lippe in this way. That is, among other things, delicious «Coronation of the Virgin» in florent. Aqd. artist. and «Madonna with the scene Nativity of the Virgin in the background» in the Pitti Palace. Of the paintings Lippe found outside Italy, especially the curious: «Wedding Mother of God» (krugl. form) in the Louvre museum, «Presv. Virgo, worshiping Infant Christ »in the Berlin Museum,« St. John Precursor »National Gallery in London and« Epiphany »ibid.

Fossey D. Filippo Lippe. M., 1997.
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Adoration of the Child
Adoration of the Child with Saints
Adoration of the Child with Saints-
Adoration of the Magi
Adoration of the Magi (detail)
Announcement of the Death of the Virgin
Birth and Naming St John
Coronation of the Virgin
Coronation of the Virgin-
Coronation of the Virgin (detail)
Coronation of the Virgin=
Death of the Virgin
Disputation in the Synagogue
Disputation in the Synagogue (detail)
Disputation in the Synagogue (detail)-
Disputation in the Synagogue (detail)_
Funeral of St Jerome
Herod's Banquet
Herod's Banquet (detail)
Herod's Banquet (detail)-
Herod's Banquet (detail)_
Madonna and Child-
Madonna and Child Enthroned with Saints
Madonna and Child Enthroned with Two Angels
Madonna and Child with St Fredianus and St Augustine
Madonna and Child=
Madonna della Cintola
Madonna Enthroned with Saints
Madonna in the Forest
Madonna in the Forest (detail)
Madonna of Humility (Trivulzio Madonna)
Madonna with Child (Tarquinia Madonna)
Madonna with the Child and two Angels
Man of Sorrows
Rules of the Carmelite Order (detail)
Seven Saints
St Fredianus Diverts the River Serchio
St John Taking Leave of his Parents
St John Taking Leave of his Parents (detail)
St Stephen is Born and Replaced by Another Child
St Stephen is Born and Replaced by Another Child (detail)
The Annunciation with two Kneeling Donors
The Annunciation with two Kneeling Donors (detail)
The Annunciation_
The Doctors of the Church
The Saint's Funeral
The Saint's Funeral (detail)-
The Virgin Appears to St Bernard
View of the fresco cycle
Virgin and Child with Saints, Angels, and a Donor
Virgin with the Child and Scenes from the Life of St Anne
Vision of St Augustine

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