Marguerite Gerard의 작품들 (화가)

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Marguerite Gerard의 작품들 (화가)


Marguerite Gerard (1761 - 1837)
Marguerite Gérard (28 January 1761 in Grasse – 18 May 1837 in Paris) was a French painter and etcher. She was the daughter of Marie Gilette and perfumer Claude Gérard. She later became the sister-in-law of Jean-Honoré Fragonard, with whom she often worked.

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Marguerite Gérard (Gérard, 1761-1837) - French artist, a pupil of Fragonard.
The content of their paintings, and enjoyed great success in the late XVIII and early XIX centuries, she had learned from the family life of middle and upper classes of French society. Her paintings lack of originality, often sentimental keepsake and are carefully executed, which flows into the dry and prilizannost, but they can not acknowledge the merits of drawing, sculpture, and even sincere feelings. She also exercised in engraving and etching reproduced in some of the songs Fragonard. For compositions Shoderlo de Laklo «Les liaisons dangeureuses» Gerard fulfilled a number of illustrations. The Hermitage has two of its paintings: «Mother's happiness» and «The artist, typewriter portrait muzykantshi».

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